Remote Solar On Demand

Reduce operating costs and GHG's on DAY ONE with WattBox

WattBox provides green, cost-competitive power for remote sites


WattBox is focused on providing remote solar systems designed and built for a wide variety of applications.  For example, there is currently demand to deploy the WattBox on various remote mining and oil & gas projects, but the applications are almost limitless as we approach international markets as well. The WattBox advantage comes from its pre-engineered design that allows for rapid, low-cost deployment to remote sites while providing a green solution that lowers carbon emissions when compared to traditional diesel generators. The design's durability and flexibility means it can be deployed to multiple sites throughout its life; therefore, the WattBox can provide reliable payback opportunities.


Flexibility and Scalability means more value for every user


The use of a shipping container and scalable design provides a large amount of flexibility for the WattBox. Our partners can modify the shipping container to match a wide range of uses For example the space could be used for office space, storage, living quarters, Etc.. Scalability means that the system can be deployed to match each projects needs, even if they change over time. 


There are financing options to match every project.

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