How can WattBox support your project?


WattBox has been designed to support your remote power projects by providing a pre-engineered solution that can be rapidly deployed to your site. We have engineered the product to meet Canadian electrical codes, wind loading scenarios, structural and health & safety requirements but the design can be adapted to suit the needs and specifications of many International locations. All our services include design support and consultation with professional engineers. 


Modular Means Flexible

5 kW to 5 MW

The modular design of the WattBox means that the system can be scaled to a wide variety of project applications simply by increasing the number of units deployed. These sites range from small camps and process equipment up to large mining, and oil & gas facilities that are currently operating on diesel or LNG. 

Ships Globally

The WattBox was designed specifically to be deployed to remote industrial sites and returned without incurring damage through tough shipping conditions. The use of a shipping container means WattBox can be deployed virtually anywhere on the planet at a low cost. The low cost deployment means short term solar contracts are now possible at diesel competitive prices. How ever you move equipment to your site, WattBox will be compatible.

Shipping Types

  • Truck - Tilt Deck Trailers Preferred
  • Rail
  • Sea Vessel

Redeployable = Shorter Contracts

The WattBox design allows for the system to be deployed multiple times over its lifetime. This is a game changer for remote industrial projects. Previously, solar leases and power purchase agreements were between 15 and 25 years. The ability to redeploy the WattBox system means that WattBox can support multiple clients over its life so the cost can be shared. The flexibility to have shorter contracts and lower rates means the WattBox can now reduce costs, even for temporary construction projects.